dangerous road suspension bridge. Extreme Russia

Crazy ride on a truly dangerous suspension bridge by Toyota Land Cruiser. Bridge is located in Altay mountain. Russia travel roads Amazing videos from Russia Siberia, Mongolia, Australia and Iceland. See places where tourists do not arrive. See what you can do in the off road car like Land Rover Discovery, Toyota Land Cruiser 100 and Toyota Land Cruiser 200 V8. We will take you into the real world of adventure. More video in http://www.youtube.com/user/syberiamongolia2009 ponte suspensa perigoso. extrema Rússia pont suspendu dangereux. Extreme Russie puente colgante peligroso. Extreme Rusia 危険な吊り橋。極端なロシア gefährlich Hängebrücke. extreme Russland 위험한 다리. 익스트림 러시아 farlig hängbro. Extreme Ryssland التعليق خطيرة الجسر. روسيا المدقع