Dumre Jeep

So this the famous "jeep" transportation used on trips to go between Bandipur and Dumre. Luckily I wasn't sitting next to a goat on this trip but don't be surprised if it happens to you! There were plenty of trips where there were about 6 people hitching a ride off the back bumper and the truck bed would also be full of people PLUS their cargo. Sometimes the drivers overload their "jeeps" and can't make it up the hill to Bandipur so those who don't have to go all the way up the hill have to get out at an earlier place than where their stop is. If you get carsick, don't travel in a jeep that has the tarps pulled down on the sides - the road to Bandipur has hairpin turns all the way up and travel during the monsoon season (such as I did) can escalate your symptoms!