Episode 160: Chomolungma National Park

So Much More Than a Sign. After leaving Shigatse we had some nice time in the Land Cruisers as we "cruised overland" through the stark Tibetan landscape. We're all ready to be using our own feet as transportation at this point but these last days of vehicular transport are unavoidable. I have mixed feelings about riding in the Land Cruisers. One one hand, no one likes to be cooped up in a car for hours on end. On the other hand, it's nice to see so much of this high desert. There are endless valleys and foothills to marvel at. Personally, I also find the vehicles quite conducive for napping. Which is nice. The monotony of the driving was gratefully interrupted by yet another summiting of yet another pass. But this one was of particular interest to the group. This one, Gyatso La (5248m / 17,218'), was topped by the elaborate sign declaring your entrance into the Chomolungma Nature Preserve; Tibet's national park for Everest. It's quite a milestone even if Everest itself is nowhere to be seen. We're getting close! Just one more night in a hotel in civilization. After that we're on our own. I guess you could say that sign is a sign of things to come. Jon Miller Total Running Time: 25:20