Episode 162: Lazarus of Lhasa

Welcome Back To The Land Of The Living! After lunch we headed back on the road for the last bit of driving towards our first campsite. The trekking portion of this trip is almost here!!! The Land Cruisers have been comfortable for the overland traveling towards Everest, but my feet are itching for some good hiking. We make a quick pit stop for some "bio breaks" this afternoon and as we walked back to our vehicles we noticed that there was an extra Land Cruiser parked amongst our caravan. As I was scratching my head, Lobsang walked over to me, pointed and simply said, "Damion!" I followed the direction of his outstretched arm and saw Damion standing against a wall, camera in hand, and though he was wearing a bandanna on his face I could sense that he didn't appear sick anymore. The team descended upon Damion and there was a joyful flurry of handshakes and hugs. We had all been so worried and concerned about him and now he was here and in great spirits. The reunion was short lived as we piled back into the vehicles for the last push to Camp 1. It was absolutely a great afternoon but it got even better. We pulled in to our camp site and those of us with previous Himalayan camping experience were astounded to see a trifecta of the best campsite attributes: a neighboring river and completely flat ground covered by soft grass. It was raining while we were setting up camp but there were obviously high winds aloft as they were pushing the rainclouds away with tremendous speed. The clouds parted and the late afternoon sun surrounded us with it's warm golden light. It was a day of miracles. We've seen Everest with our own eyes, Damion has cheated death and rejoined the team, Camp 1 is a perfect green oasis in a deep river valley on the Tibetan Plateau. Perhaps we've discovered Shangri-La? Jon Miller Total Running Time: 35:46