Fewa Tal – Pokhara, Nepal

http://tripwow.tripadvisor.com/tripwow/ta-00a0-ef76-2a13?ytv2=1 - Created at TripWow by TravelPod Attractions (a TripAdvisor™ company)Fewa Tal Pokhara Read more at: http://www.travelpod.com/ad/Fewa_Tal-PokharaTravel blogs from Fewa Tal: - "... The day after I arrived in Pokhara we took a ferry across the Fewa Tal and hiked up to the Japanese Peace Pagoda - it was a good opportunity to scope out their hill climbing ..." - "... Visiting another Japanese Peach Pagoda ( there is one in Battersea Park in London, as well as Leh - Ladakh, Lumbini - Nepal ), boating on Fewa Tal I was ready to do the Annapurna circuit trek which the guides say takes 17-20 days ..." - "... The town is set next to one main lake ( Fewa Tal ) and is just a little line of shops and restaurants and guest houses ..." - "... I can see not only the neighbouring homes and fields, but also the mountains that encircle Pokhara, and I know that if I could climb higher, Fewa Tal, one of the seven lakes in this region, would be silently reflecting the rays of the setting ..." Read these blogs and more at: http://www.travelpod.com/ad/Fewa_Tal-Pokhara#blog_contentPhotos from: - Pokhara, NepalPhotos in this video: - "Fewa Tal (Lake), Pokhara" by Jkirby from a blog titled "Ice Cream and Steak" - "View from Fewa Tal lake" by Cookie247 from a blog titled "Pokhara - Part 2" - "Fewa Tal Lake" by Jeschill from a blog titled "Adventures in Chitwan and Pokhara" - "Fewa Tal" by Jkirby from a blog titled "Ice Cream and Steak"