Ghale Gaun, the best village in South Asia – Documentary

Ghale Gaun village is the best village among south Asian villages. It is the perfect example of home stay based tourism destination in Nepal which is situated at an altitude of 2070 m from sea level and belongs to warrior ethnic Gurung tribe. This beautiful village lies along the Annapurna trekking circuit route. Most of the men serve in military groups in Nepal army, Indian army, British army as well as police services. Bbesides that, the main occupation of people staying in the village is agriculture and animal husbandry. The total houses are about 115 and majority inhabitants are Gurungs. This majestic village is only 205 km northwest of Kathmandu and 125 km northeast of Pokhara.The rustic and traditional settlements, the ancestral home of brave Gurungs, Ghale gaun lies in the Ghale utterkanya Village development committee. The lane of roads are stone paved and clean. One can feel peace and harmony when one is there. These days everyone is praising the place and also in these few years Ghalegaun has developed tremendously. It has attracted many foreign as well as the domestic visitors. Ghale women normally wear blue and red attire, called ghalek and lungi and men wear kachad, bakchu. Because the place is at the very high altitude, above 2070 meter, it is cold and snowy during winter and the hills are covered with various colors of rhododendron during the month February till march. The best season for visitors to come and relax at home-stays at Ghalegaun is November. The villageers have conserved its Nature, Culture, Tradition, Religion. Ghalegaun is also announced as the best village which lies on the top of the bald hill. The local inhabitants of this area are Gurungs.The Gurung homeland is the foothills of the Lamjung and Annapurna Mountain. You can also visit the museum while you are there. Visit for beautiful videos and pictures from Nepal.