Healing Ceremony with a Tibetan Shaman in Pokhara, Nepal

In my quest for health, I left no stone unturned when I visited a a Tibetan Shaman in Tarshi Palkhiel Tibetan Refugee Settlement, located on the outskirts of Pokhara, Nepal. After the shaman was briefed on my condition (hip, shoulder and jaw pain on my left side), he donned a small headdress and began chanting and drumming. Mid-way into the ceremony he stopped briefly to add to his headdress, draping silk scarves over it, and then resumed chanting. Within moments, he was in a trance and began speaking in tongues as the spirit entered his body. He waved scarves over me as I sat in front of him on a low stool and then lunged at me twice, biting the air over my arm and shoulder. Each time, he spit out a dark gray slug-like creature onto a tin plate. The creatures wriggled, turned black, and finally stopped moving, at which point he held the tray out for me to take a photo. When he was satisfied that I had seen the "dark spirits" he'd removed from my body, he raised the plate to his mouth, swallowed the slugs, and choked them down with a shudder. Tibetan shamanism incorporates elements of Buddhism and the ancient Bon religion, the animistic belief system practiced in ancient Tibet. To read more about my round-the-world travels, visit my blog, https://holeinthedonut.com