Helmut Kutin walks through SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi

SOS Children's Village Sanothimi is the first Children's Village in Nepal established in 1972.SOS Children's Village is comprised of 31 buildings in its premises. Within the Children's Village there is Hermann Gmeiner School established to satisfy the education need of the children of the SOS Children's Village and the local community which generally bridges the Children's Village to the local community. Actually the school has a great help to integrate the Children's Village to the wider community. Within the village complex there is a Ceramic Training centre which provides training to the people of the local pottery community. A medical dispensary is operated in the community hall- in the centre of the village- for the need of children, mothers and other coworkers. Three houses for the retired mothers are made in the Village which neighbor to the two guest houses. A water tank is erected in the village which provides water from the source within the village. The water service from the municipality is not reliable; therefore, the Children's Village has to manage its own resource. At the front of the Village there is a temple of Pashupatinath where children and mothers do their prayer. Just near the gate, there are guard house, drivers' quarters garage for the vehicles. The National Office of SOS Children's Villages Nepal is also located in the premises of SOS Children's Village Sanothimi.