Highest Canyon Swing in the World (The Last Resort, Nepal)

http://www.thelastresort.com.np/I went to Nepal from August to November of 2012 and the first week I decided to do the world's highest Canyon Swing near Tibet. It was one of the best decisions I made. After a short 3 hour beautiful bus ride to a small settlement called the Last Resort(the booking organization name as well). Suspended 160m above a raging river, I never hesitated when told to jump. You experience 3 times as much pure freefall as you would bungee jumping from the same bridge(7seconds vs bungee's 2 seconds) Greatest adrenaline ride of my life.... so far! If you are in Nepal or even India, this makes it worth the trip all on its own.I also recommend going to Pokhara, Nepal and paragliding. It's known as the 3rd most beautiful place to do this in the world. If only I had backed up my videos of that.