Hindu temple, Dharan, Nepal

Dantakali temple is situated in the middle of the beautiful hillock of Vijayapur in Dharan. The holy temple of Dantakali is famous among the Hindus as the place where lie the sacred teeth of the goddess Satidevi, the consort of the great god Mahadev. There is the popular belief that the temple still enshrines the sacred teeth. The Hindu myths and the legends say that after the death of Satidevi, bereaved Mahadev carried the dead body upon his solder and walked incessantly in utterent places as he walked on and the teeth fell in the places where the temple stands at present. The holy book of 'Swasthani Brata Katha' asserts this and gives the name Dantakali literally Danta meaning teeth and 'Kali' one of the various forms of goddess Durga.