Holy Mount Kailash Manasarovar

In a remote corner of Western Tibet, in one of the highest, loneliest and most desolate places on earth, rises a sublime snow-clad pyramid of rock, Mount Kailash. For over one thousand years pilgrims have made the arduous journey here to walk around the mountain in an ancient ritual of devotion for Kailash is a site of immense natural power. Here the temporal and eternal unite and the divine takes physical form. For Hindus Kailash is the throne of Shiva; for Buddhist a gigantic natural mandala: for both it is the epicenter of tantric forces. In its shadow lies the holy lake Manasarovar, born from the mind of Brahma. Even to non-believers, the mountain and lake are the crowning jewels of a magical land of pure light and intense colour, in the rarefied atmosphere of 15,000 feet. In few years which foreigners were freely permitted to visit this region of Tibet. With pilgrims around Mount Kailash on a journey that offers excitement, exoticism and deep refreshment for the spirit. Mr. Subramanian Email : [email protected] HSE Tel : 603-8733 5026 H.P No : 6012-304 8667