Honey Hunting Festival Nov 2012, Lamjung, Nepal

From above, a honey hunter descends the cliff harnessed to a ladder, not your usual ladder, by ropes. As his mates secure the rope and ladder from the top, they ferry tools up down as required. The honey hunter fights territorial bees as he cuts out chunks of honey from the comb.The harvest ritual, which varies slightly from community to community, begins with a prayer and offering of chicken, fruits, and rice. Then a fire is lit at the base of the cliff to smoke the bees out from their honeycombs. Here we show you how it's been done. Footage of Harvesting Nepal's Himalayan Cliff Bee honey from 1st Lamjung Honey Hunting Festival 2012 Nepal. For information regarding Honey Hunting Trips and info, go to Mango Tree Resort website mangotree.com.np