How to de-wraptor TEVA WRAPTOR Sandals Teva make a great sandal no doubt about it. So great they've changed their newer models, ah the old was gold but with a few flaws. Are you picky? Are you going to India, Nepal Thailand, Bangkok maybe? You need good foot wear! If your out of country for a time you have to think ahead. Did you know that you can't buy over size 10-1/2 shoes in India? Wide feet? you think they have 2e or 4e shoes sizes in Thailand? Think again these could be your last friend in a Thai prison, because i know that 100's of foreigners do, which is tragic to say the least. Better go to India then, a fantastic ride that it changing fast. Or NEpal, you know trekking is dirt cheap and the views are undeniable insanity. You can fly from Toronto to Delhi or from Chicago for $1200 return, from delhi take another flight to Kathmandu Hotel for a night or two then Pokhara.