How to Use A Squat Toilet |

If you're going to travel the world, you're going to have to come to terms with using the squat toilet. While in Nepal to volunteer in 2006, we got this simple squat toilet demonstration at one of our training sessions.The pillows represent where you would put your feet. Then you, well, squat and do your business. In Nepal, and in other countries, many people don't use toilet paper. So to clean up you'll pour water into your left hand and use that to rinse (caution: never use your right hand, which is for eating).The last step, involves flushing by pouring water down the hole from a bucket which should be placed (hopefully) next to the toilet.SUBSCRIBE for more travel videos: MORE TRAVEL INFORMATION AND INSPIRATION (AND TO SAY "HI!") FIND ME HERE:✈ BLOG ✈✈ TWITTER ✈✈ INSTAGRAM ✈✈ FACEBOOK ✈✈ PINTEREST ✈ on!-Trevor