Bardiya Jungle Safari is one of the captivating yet comparatively less attempted trip envisioned to explore the concealed natural extremities of Bardiya National Park. Bardiya National Park, previously graded as hunting reserve and conservation area, attained the status of national park in 1988. The park is the largest one in the nation spreading within the area of 968 sq. km and is famed for encompassing eight types of ecosystems. The park is situated in far-western terai of Nepal, bordered by the Karnali River. The park can be explored by elephant safari, natural walk, and jeep safari. Most of the wild animals and undisturbed vegetation of the country is concealed within the park making it a perfect place to explore immense unspoiled wild animals in their natural elegance. The park is sheltered by many endangered species some of them being one-horned Rhinoceros, wild Asian Elephant, Bengal Tiger, Swamp Deer, Black Buck Antelope, Gangetic Dolphin,gharial crocodile, marshmugger crocodile, Bengal Florician, the silver-eared Mesia, the Sarus Crane and many among others. The park incubates more than 30 varieties of mammals, over 400 species of birds, and several species of snakes, lizards, and fish. It is also the only place in Nepal to see freshwater Dolphin and Black Buck Antelopes. The indigenous "Tharu" culture of this region is worth exploring. The park is also adoredby bird watchers as it offers abundant opportunities to see bird sailing over the park; best during March and December. More than 70% of the park is covered with Sal trees and the rest with is a mixture of grassland, savannah, and riverine forest. The park can be best reconnoitered during the month of March-May and September-December. Everest Trail Adventure operates Bardiya jungle safari throughout the year with varieties of packages. The particulars of the trip have been outlined in the itinerary provided below. However, we would be admired to make necessary changes to it. For further queries on Bardiya jungle safari please feel easy to mail us or give a call. Everest Trail Adventure would heartily try our best to answer your queries.