India Nepal Border

India Nepal Border Crossing Amazing Nepal border crossing from India by rickshaw after 2 flights from Ladakh - the northern most state in India, a 14 hour train ride from Delhi, a share jeep and now a rickshaw. If you have never seen the border of Nepal this is a must see. But its not an easy journey overland from Delhi. It's a 14 hour train ride from Delhi to Gorukphur in Northern India near the border of Nepal. Then no more trains. You gotta take a share jeep or a bus in Gorukphur to Nepal. I recommend the share jeep but you are then smashed into a jeep that takes more people than it can safely hold, forget about seat belts. Then comes the hard part. Its hot sticky sweaty and there's lot of humanity on board but usually you end of making friends so if you don't want to fly into the Kathmandu airport this is the only way to do it. Or you can take the bus from Sikkim and journey in from the East side of Nepal but that was even more difficult. I have visited Nepal 4 times in the last 9 years and am in love with the country and the people. The best thing you can do is go here and discover it for your self. Get the Vagabond issue on Nepal here Follow me on facebook Books on Amazon Mary TV Mary’s Photography Gallery Free ebook! Secrets of Stunning Photographs Learn how to get amazing photos with any camera Learn How to Get Amazing Photos with Any Camera Easy Video Course that helps you nail the shots you want Vagabond Travel Mag Blog Stay in Touch with me See more Nepal videos and subscribe here to my channel Wolf Price, from Palo Alto, has a 501 (c) 3 non-profit in Kathmandu and has been empowering girls in Nepal for 10 years. check it out and donate