Interview with Director of Mission Hospital, Tansen Nepal part ONE

Dr Rachel Karrach is the Director of Mission Hospital in Tansen Palpa Nepal. SHe is very wellrespected in the country. At the end of my trip in 2007 I promised her that when I returned to Honolulu I woudl do everything i could, to find a surgeon who would round out the medical staff. At the time, I knew it would take a miracle, but if you don't dream, your dreams will never come true. In the meantime, she gave this interview about the hospital and medical mission work. part one of two. I present it here as a service to those who are thinking of the commitment this requires. You are invited to explore the YouTube Channel; my blog(s), the FaceBook fan page for my book about hospitals in Nepal, and of course, to read my book, The Hospital at the End of the World. The better prepared you are, the more you will be able to contribute when you go. This is especially true for short-term mission trips, which are becoming more accepted nowadays.ANd PS_ In 2009 I did find her s surgeon who stayed for three months.