Islanders in Nepal – Part 1

KATHMANDU, NEPAL - Nepal is one of the world's poorest and least developed countries.It is located between Tibet and India and is a country of highly diverse geography, culture and religions.Since the late 1970's, trekkers have come to Nepal to explore the famed Annapurna Circuit.For a time, the route was considered one of the best treks anywhere in the world.And while construction may be threatening its reputation as a classic trek, the route offers some spectacular views.In October, /A News reporter and anchor Erick Thompson and writer Erin Trainer joined a group of trekkers from Vancouver Island for a three week trek in Nepal.In addition to hiking along the Annapurna Circuit, the group visited the world's highest lake (Lake Tilicho) and the mythical valleys of Nar and Phu.The trip was organized by Robinson's Outdoor Store to celebrate the family-owned businesses 80th anniversary.Store-owner Gayle Robinson enlisted the help of Quadra Island-based trekking guide Mick Bromley.Bromley has led dozens of treks in various countries but Nepal remains his first love.