Kathmandu – Fabled Capital of Nepal

Kathmandu, according to Lonely Planet, "is really two cities: a fabled capital of convivial pilgrims and carved rose-brick temples; and a splenetic sprawl smothered in the pollution of diesel fumes, dirt, monkeys and beggars. It simultaneously reeks of history and the wear and tear of increasing modernity." It is a historical landmark of great importance. It is true that it's streets are crowded with cars, buses, motorbikes, rickshaws, bicycles and an occasional cow. As the major point of entry for the hundreds of thousands of trekkers who visit Nepal, it is alive with excitement and life. While its many street vendors are pushy, the people are kind and warm and friendly; the many temples and stupas indicative of the religious fervor of both its native inhabitants and the thousands of refugees from Tibet.Included here are various pictures taken of people and places around the city - excluding major sites which are included in their own video. Kathmandu is the one place that anyone visiting Nepal MUST visit.