This video provides information on internet project in remote village of Keshavtar, Tanahun in Nepal. The project was started by Dr. Mahabir Pun (Nepal Wireless team) and Nem Bahadur Thapa (Fundraiser, UK) with financial aid from Friends of Nepal (Return Peace Corp Volunteers) who wish to leave a legacy for all the years it served in Nepal, on the special occasion of golden jubilee. Through this project, Keshavtar High School has now 14 computers, the VDC sub-health post has 1 and Mother's Group has 4 computers, all with internet. The project now wants to expand the service to other schools and villages in the near future. With this video, I am hoping to generate more interest not just from Keshavtaris but also from neighbouting villages such as Baidi, Chipchipe, Dharampani, Bar Bhanjhyang, because they can also benefit from this project.