khiji school dance show

The Country: Nepal is situated in Southern Asia between India and China. It is a hilly landlocked country with a per capita income of below US$ 220. As an under developing country, there are so many physical, cultural, traditional, educational, economical and political obstacles which are ahead of the overall country's development. The Village: Khijee Chandeswory Village Development Committee (VDC) is situated in Eastern Development Region of the country. The district is Okhaldhunga and the zone is Sagarmatha. The VDC covers around 35 square kilometers with around 4000 villagers. The village has one lower secondary school, one primary school and a project school provided by the British Project. The Villagers: Around 83% out of around 4000 villagers are from indigenous group of people. Their caste is called SUNUWAR. They have their own traditions, cultures, language and customs etc. The rest are NEWAR (also indigenous), DAMAI (socially discriminated people, so called small caste), KAMI (socially discriminated people, so called small caste), Bhujel, Newar, SHERPA (also indigenous people). The Occupation: Around 95% of villagers are depended on agriculture. The have little peace of land where they cultivate crops in a traditional way. The agriculture products last for only 6-8 months and the rest of the year they just live with half stomach. The Education: Education is light of life. In Khijee Chandeswory Village Development Committee, there is no even a high school. After the completion of lower secondary education the students need to walk at least 90 minutes to reach the high schools which are situated in other Villages. There are very few students who have the luck to see the college and university. They can be count on fingers. Developmental Activities: The district headquarter is situated around 35 kilometers far from the village. All most all local development administrations are situated in the headquarter of the district. Being an uneducated people there are no one to support for the development of the village. There is no any infrastructural development in the village except a health post and a lower secondary school. It takes around 18 hours to reach the close road transportation from the village. Many people even just day dream about motor-bus and aero-planes. They did not see the real motor buses and aero planes in their life. There is no electricity so the villagers have to depend on wood fuel. There is no safe drinking water and irrigation for agriculture. There is no any scientific cultivation system. People just follow traditional agriculture system and depend on rainfall for cultivation. All the above mentioned truths are the true-story of Khijee Chandeswory Village. In this context, we would like to offer our honesty, simplicity and dignity to your corporation so that we can get some help in development of our village. Your little contribution can change our lives. We hope your kind co-operations! Address for mail Exchange: Chandeswory Youth Group, GPO Box: 8975, EPC No: 5621, Kathmandu, Nepal. Email- [email protected] Permanent Address of the Village: Chandeswory Youth Group, Khijee Chandeswory Village Development Committee, Ward No: 2, Majh-Gaun, Okhaldhunga, Sagarmatha, Nepal. Group Members of the Chandeswory Youth Group: 1. Brihaspati Sunuwar (President) 2. Pam Sunuwar (Vice-President) 3. Prakash Sunuwar (Secretary) 4. Durga Bdr.Sunuwar (Finance) 5. Tanka Raj Sunuwar (Member) 6. Nagendra Sunuwar (Member) 7. Khem Sunuwar (Member) 8. Pramod Sunuwar (Member) 9. Anjan Sunuwar (Member) 10. Umesh Sunuwar (Member) 11. Pradip Sunuwar (Member) 12. Ashok Sunuwar (Member) 13. Govinda Sunuwar (Member) Advisory Board: 1. Tek Raj Sunuwar 2. Peshal Sunuwar 3. Dhan Ram Sunuwar 4. Lok Bahadur Sunuwar 5. Chandra Kanta Sunuwar 6. Bhabi Raj Sunuwar 7. Bikash Chandra Sunuwar 8. Gopal sunuwar 9. Chitra Bahadur sunuwar 10. Tara Sunuwar 11. Chandas sunuwar 12. Yam bahadur sunuwar 13. Tanka sunuwar