Lakhe dance performed by Prabin Sapkota in Lyon

Lakhe dance performed by Prabin Sapkota at Fêtes consulaires 2011 in Lyon (the International Music Festival) held in Lyon, the second largest city of France on Saturday, May 28, 2011. Along with Nepal, there were 45 countries in this festival. This the first time Nepal has participated in this festival in connection with the SOLEIL VERT, an association of Lyon, France. The Lakhe dance is performed yearly during the Indra Jatra Festival in the streets of Kathmandu. As king of the demons, the Lakhe serves to protect the residents of the city from evil spirits and misfortune. His dance is wild and spontaneous, performed to the music of cymbals and special drums. Masked and robed in red, his bells jingle loudly as he hunts and destroys the dangerous demons.