Last Trekker to Rara Lake, Nepal, Episode 10-3min SD

5 days of hard trekking thru the poverty stricken Jumla District in order to reach the largest lake in Nepal. It's an isolated, rugged, sub-tropical, and calorie-deprived trek that gradually transforms into a picturesque Canadian Rocky Mountain landscape. Visit our web site at for more details, maps, facts and and the How-To blog posts. Visit our site for short versions of these videos. Visit for other 3 minute episodes and extras. On FB To Get involved And don't forget to subscribe to this channel. It makes a difference. Nepal. Last Trekker to Rara Lake Video Details This trek started out with a hop from the town of Nepalgang to reach the trailhead village of Jumla. Jumla is a market town and not much more. After breakfast I hit the trails. My first day was short. I spent the night with a local family in a village called Patmoka. 250 Rupees, for dinner, tea and a bed. I was up early the next day to follow a trail over a pass. I then followed trails that hugged the many narrow valleys. Money was the mantra of the local children. Tomorrow I have to go cross another pass so was hoping for a comfortable night’s accommodation. Late in the day I reached the tiny village of Chotha, that boasted of a hotel. Basically a bed in the attic of a storage room. I arrived in time to witness a political town meeting. The third day started by exiting the subsistence-farming valley. After lunch I headed for the high ridgeline pass that separated the two valleys. The drop from the pass wound through a confusing forest. At a small creek kids directed me to the next valley. By late afternoon I’d reached another dusty village and a mushroom salesman. Little gnats were driving me crazy as I crossed over a final plateau. On the 3rd day, as the sun approached the horizon, I reached Rara Lake. Now that I’d reach my objective it would take me another 4 days to escape.