Manakamana market

Manakamana market uploaded by cable car was inaugurated by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Dipendera Bir Bikram Shah Dev on November 24, 1998. There is only one cable car service in Nepal is Manakamana Cable Car. Manakamana is a holy site of Hindu Pilgrimage. Pilgrims of different places including India come in the thousands to visit and pay homage to Manakamana . The cable cars have been imported from Austria. The cable car ride from Kurintar to Manakamana is around 10 minute. From the cable car station in Cheres, you ge to Manakamana in 10 minutes flat or less. The ride over the distance of 2.8 kilometers. We arrange The holiest Manakamana temple can be reached by cable car transportation. The Manakamana temple overlooks terraced fields, and the Trishul river.She is known as fulfill the wish.