Manasarovar – Episode 7 of Isha Kailash Travel Journal 2010 After over a week of traveling, preparations, bumps, twists, bathroom breaks, early morning departures and countless other challenges, we reached Manasarovar. The anticipation was high in everyone. Just a few kilometers before we reached Manasarovar, we got stopped by the border guards who told us we'd have to wait 4 hours to continue. Perhaps by the Grace of the Guru, it was only a half hour, and when we finally arrived, we were greeted with a wet welcoming! We weren't even able to see the lake until the next morning when we went thru a meditation process and got the chance to take a dip in the lake. Everyone had their own intense experience of the lake, but each seemed to be impacted in an unexplainable way. The weather cleared up during the day and we spent some quality time at the lake and also got a chance to keep this sacred place clean by picking up the trash around the area. The evening closed with a special Sathsang with Sadhguru, which started off by the Sounds of Isha and ended with a question and answer session which cleared doubts from many of our yatris. Tomorrow is the day we're all anxious for... reaching Kailash Mountain... See you there! "Manasarovar" Episode 7 of the Isha Kailash Sojourn 2010 Travel Video Journal. About the Travel Journal... Every year Isha Foundation takes hundreds of participants the journey of a lifetime to the sacred Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar in Tibet. These places are widely known as the most sacred spots on earth and have attracted countless Seers, Seekers, Yogis and Mystics. Since 2006 Isha Foundation has been offering this opportunity to all under the guidance of Sadhguru an enlightened Yogi and Mystic. In 2010, we followed one such group through their journey, documenting all their experiences and emotions; their highs and lows, joys and struggles, tears and ecstasy... Join us through this most amazing trip to the worlds most mystical space... Goto and watch as the adventure of a lifetime unfolds