Mexicali Blues’ trip to India and Nepal 2009

Every fall, Mexicali Blues owners Pete and Kim Erskine travel to India and pick out many of our year-round products. These products include our India Bangles, Manjeera Symbols, Bindis, Henna, Nag Champa incense, incense burners, ceramic wall hooks, paper star lanterns, block print bags, recycled paper notebooks and beautiful block print tapestries. While in Asia, Pete and Kim also stop in Nepal and pick up prayer flags, singing bowls and get clothing samples ready for our spring line. Here is an edited compilation of video they took of streets in India. Check out for many responsibly imported hippy clothes, tie dyes, prayer flags, yoga pants, baja hoodies, grateful dead and phish merchandise, hippy gifts, and bohemian style decor items for the home! Follow our blog, facebook, and twitter for exclusive Mexicali Blues discounts and deals! Mexicali Blues Online Shop: Facebook: Twitter: Blog: