Mitrata Children’s Foundation, Part 1

Part 1, This clip introduces the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide shelter, medical care and educational opportunities for underprivileged children in Nepal through direct donor support. Because all USA board members and staff are volunteers, the donations go directly to the support of the children, not to administrative costs. Mitrata, which means friendship in Nepali, was born out of the deep connection between Nanda Kulu from Nepal and Dr. Christine Schutz from America, people of different cultures but with the same heart. Traveling together in the mountains outside Kathmandu, they found a homeless girl and decided to find a way to bring her into the city and care for her. With only a few hundred dollars, they opened the Mitrata childrens home in Naya Bazaar, Kathmandu, in 2000. Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children, Inc has a solid reputation in Nepal by providing a good and loving home and quality care for the children. The organization also makes an impact in the community, by working with local Nepali citizens, single women, and has helped the local economy. The children are taught overall life skills in a warm and loving family atmosphere. After they leave Mitrata, they take with them valuable life lessons, education, and the ability to be self-sufficient members of the local community. Nepal is rich in culture, spirit and natural beauty, yet the plight of its children is serious. Many are without food, on the streets and/or unable to go to school because they are too poor. Fifty percent of the children are malnourished and only a quarter of them live with adequate sanitation. There are 2.6 million child laborers in Nepal. Many times medical care is nonexistent. Education is difficult, as many children do not attend school at all or drop out after only a few years. The country is economically very poor and the recent civil conflict has resulted in a dramatic increase in refugees and the homeless. MacroSun International is proud to present this clip.