Mountains in Himalayas.View from Gokyo Peak(altitude 5360m) in Nepal.

@GokyoPeak:標高5360m ★これはゴーキョ山頂についた直後に撮ったムービー。この時点では、エベレストなどまだ見えなかったが、このあと雲が取れて、名だたる8000m級のヒマラヤの山々が見え­てきた。 @GokyoPeak: Altitude 5360m * this is a movie taken immediately after having attached to Gokyo Peak. At this time, Everest etc. have not been seen yet. However, the cloud disappears after this, and mountains in Himalayas of a well-known 8000m class have come into view! recorded May 4 , 2010