National Brand Summit 2011-TVC2.wmv

National Brand Summit 2011 is a brand festival of knowledge, best practices, network, experiences, and intuitions, which will contribute in developing the situation of brands in Nepal. This summit will include the multi-disciplinarian aspects of brand and showcase contemporary as well as futuristic perspectives, which will be helpful to the individuals and institutions which value brand. We all know a powerful brand can help generate not only a better customer experience, but also one, which is both memorable and differentiated - one that creates stories and engenders reconsideration. "Live The Brand to The Lead Brand," is the theme this year and we very well know that you agree with this. We also know how much brand values are important to you, as we have been living your brand as consumers, critics, and practitioners. Now is the time we request you to please contribute in developing the brand perspectives in honor of the brand/s that has been the soul to your organization. Symbols and stories help make a brand memorable and keep it fresh and this is precisely what we seek to do by, "Valuing your most Valuable Brands." We also seek to make this event, a place where people can experience the brand in much the same way it might be experienced by the customer. As an interactive environment full of brand/s and customer stimulus, this is a practical, hands-on way of letting people learn about the brand and its delivery to customers. Lastly, National Brand Summit 2011 isn't about bombarding the attendants with autocratic orders; instead, it gives them the vision, structure and confidence to turn brand into action. Come share your success stories and mantras with us and let us all learn from each other because we believe, in sharing lies the beauty of knowledge.