Nepal 2008 – Eddie: Bathing with the Elephants

Eddie chats about how much he's loving the tour so far, with the guys bathing with the elephants in the background.We're in Chitwan National Park, and this was one of the favourite activities of the group. As you can see, much fun was had by all joining the elephants for a bath.At MJB Seminars, our mission is to utilise the knowledge and wisdom we have accumulated through our experiences to assist people in opening their hearts and to integrate mind, body and spirit in order for them to reach their highest potential.We dedicate ourselves to studying universal laws and principles (as derived from the study of quantum mechanics and quantum physics) as they apply to humanity and govern our evolution in order to establish and provide the most unique and transformational tools to reconnect human beings to their inner source of power and wisdom. Mitch Behan and Emilia Tomeo teach how to implement the laws and principals in a practical and unique way that is second to none. Find out more at sister company MJB Adventures' purpose is to give ordinary people an extraordinary experience. We take people on Adventures throughout the world where our aim is to assist each person to truly experience the places we visit, immersing them in the culture, the people, the environment. Find out more at