Nepal Elephant Beauty Contest- CNC World

The Beauty Contest for the 9th Nepal Elephant Festival held its final round on Friday.Three elephants competed for the award by showcasing their appearance and intelligence levels.20-year-old Aar Mohammad is bathing his elephant Pinkey in the Rapti River, as the final round of the beauty contest is in a few hours.Pinkey is one of the three elephants that got into the final round of the beauty contest, and Aar is the man who discovered her beauty and intelligence.SOUNDBITE (NEPALI): AAR MOHAMMAD, Mahout "I came here early this morning because today is the beauty contest. Let's see if she can win it.'Aar takes Pinkey to her hut after a 15-minute walk from the Rapti River.SOUNDBITE: RAJNEESH BHANDRI, CNC correspondent "It's early morning in Chitwan and Aar the mahout, also known as elephant keeper, is busy decorating his elephant because today is the final day of elephant beauty contest."Aar hopes that Pinkey will win the contest. He draws different symbols and signs on her body.Aar's brother is also there to help.SOUNDBITE (NEPALI): DOSH MOHAMMAD, Aar's brother "We just finished the painting and we are scheduled to be in the venue at 10 o'clock."The venue is crowded and everything is ready for the final contest. Five elephants were selected for the beauty contest, and three of them entered the final round.Pinky and the other two elephants, who are all dressed up in colorful makeup, walk on the ramp. The judges check closely at their physical hygiene, body structure, and nails and dresses.Appearance isn't the only criterion. The elephants' intelligence is also taken into consideration.They are requested to perform a catwalk, shake hands and greet the judges.SOUNDBITE (NEPALI): AAR MOHAMMAD, Mahout "Things are going good, let's wait for the results."In the end, the crown was given to Chitwan, an elephant from the Chitwan National Park.SOUNDBITE: RAMESHWORE CHAUDHARY, Chitwan National Park official "I am very happy that Chitwan won the award. She is nicely decorated and has got beautiful eyes and body and there are no scars on her."Aar is disappointed that he and Pinkey have to return home empty-handed. But, there is still hope for them because they can try again next year.The organizers said the Elephant Festival has contributed a lot to the country's tourism, as well as its efforts to protect elephants.