Nepal Embassy Paris Investment Year 2012-2013

The Embassy of Nepal in Paris organized a program on the occasion of Investment Year 2012-2013 in Nepal. Present on the occasion were Ambassadors of Japan, Germany, India, Kazakasthan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Macedonia, Thailand and senior diplomats from other Embassies, ex-French Ambassador to Nepal, Nepalese professionals in UNESCO, long term Nepali residents, Representatives of the French companies having interest for investment in Nepal, French personalities from different walks of life and Embassy family. Delivering his welcome remarks in French, His Excellency Mr. Mohan Krishna Shrestha, Ambassador of Nepal to France and Permanent delegate to UNESCO, highlighted different wonderful aspects of Nepal from Himalayas to culture to way of the life of the people. Ambassador Shrestha also informed about Lord Buddha, the Apostle of Peace, who was born in Lumbini, southern Nepal in 623 B.C.and highlighted about his teachings on peace, compassion, love and tolerance. Ambassador invited the guests to visit Lumbini during this celebratedVisit Lumbini Year 2012 and gain peace of mind. Thereafter, during the speech, Ambassador Shrestha gave information on different aspects of FDI from government rules and regulations to the areas open for FDI. He said that since 1992 the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act is being implemented in the country to promote foreign direct investment in Nepal and it has greatly facilitated FDI in the country. . Suitable changes have been effected in the Act with the passage of time. Ambassador Shrestha further informed that almost all sectors of the economy from agriculture to manufacturing, mining, services industries, textiles and tourism are open for FDI. Very few industries are protected by the government from foreign direct investment. A small booklet prepared by the Embassy furnishing information on FDI situation in the country was also freely distributed to the guests. He also offered, on behalf of the Embassy, to extend possible cooperation to the French investors at the time of need. Dwelling on the age-old friendly relations between Nepal and France, Ambassador Shrestha said that various promotional activities needs to be undertaken to further strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and peoples and requested the guests to contribute in the ways possible in this pursuit. The screening of the CD Rom made by Nepal Tourism Board brought excitement to the guests and sumptuous Nepali dinner was savored by all those present. The Embassy of Nepal Paris, France.