Nepal National Birds(Danfe) – Chasing Love

Two male Danfe were respectively trying to chase one female Danfe and show their love in Namche Bazaar of Nepal... However, female was not interested in them, so both unfortunately failed in the end... don't be sad and frastrated, two guys...XD~ //This video was taken by Ramesh. 19h, Oct. 2011 The Himalayan Monal is the national bird of Nepal, where it is known as the Danfe. It is a relatively large-sized bird with reference to family Phasianidae. About 70 cm in length, the weight of males and females range between 1980-2380g and 1800-2150g respectively. Adult males possess a long crest, are feathered with multicoloured plumage throughout their body, while the females, like in other pheasants, are dull in colour with the upper parts covered with dark brownish-black feathers.