nepal revisited

went to nepal for 3 1/2 days in 2007. we traveled thru kathmandu, trisuli river, chitwan national park, pokhra and bhaktapur. i was able to go whitewater rafting (trisuli); ride an elephant jungle safari and canoe river cruise (chitwan); view the majestic annapurna range from an ultralight and atop a hill during sunrise (pokhra); view the exquisite buildings and trinkets for sale in bhaktapur; and shop, eat and watch a myriad of cultural shows in kathmandu. enchanting. exhilarating. enthralling. enchanting. sometimes words are not enough to describe what nepal is all about... i posted pictures of my trip before (hence the title) but i wanted to make a video for posterity's sake. i have about a 100 more pictures i didnt include. if i have time again, ill make another video to include most of them :)