Nepal, Rocky Road from Kathmandu, Episode 12-3min SD

A motorbike ride that rattles your fillings loose. Winding Nepali roads, rocks, dangerous buses, rocks, washed out roads, rocks, shear valley walls, rocks, sub-tropical forests, rocks, dust, and did I mention rocks? Due to a bus strike we rent motorbikes. Visit our web site at for more details, maps, facts and and the How-To blog posts. Visit our site for short versions of these videos. Visit for other 3 minute episodes and extras. On FB To Get involved And don't forget to subscribe to this channel. It makes a difference. Rocky Road from Kathmandu Video Details In this adventure we decide to ride motorbikes from Kathmandu to the Langtang trek trailhead. A 175 km ride on ruff roads. Why? Because of a local bus strike. Spike found the buses very impressive. But in retrospect felt we’d be safer on motorcycles. The first 100 km were on the main road (Trishuli Hwy). The only road leading to the north. The road-side eatery served absolutely amazingly tasteless food. At Betrawoti we left the main road and began a climbing, winding, rocky, dusty and painful 48 km ride to Dhunche village at the park entrance. Child labor was used for the breaking of stones into gravel-sized chunks. But the kids seemed happy anyway. An awesomely long mudslide reminded us that the public bus was to be avoided. At the Langtang area checkpoint we presented our permits. “Just another hour of ruff road ahead,” We were in flat tire kingdom. As always, flat tires are common but so are repair facilities. However, a lack of electricity means that the air compressor won’t work. So a tube needed to be installed and the tire pumped by hand. With only 2 hours of daylight left we began the last leg of the ride. A beautiful winding rocky 1,000 meter drop to the village of Syabru Besi, the trailhead. As darkness fell we reached our day’s objective. 10 hours of riding ruff roads before we start the trek. A good warm up.