Nepal trip (part 1) [OLD VERSION]

Our parents are living in Tansen, Nepal, to work at the Tansen Mission Hospital. We went to visit them. This is part 1, a little of our trip to get there. We met my brother in Kathmandu, spent a few days there, and then all took a day long bus ride to Tansen. We brought a few hospital supplies that required constant refrigeration, and a bunch of sewing and knitting supplies for my Mom. Our bus had a flat tire, and apparently so did our airplane in Bangladesh. We were delayed for longer then expected, and although we got into Kathmandu, the airport closed after we arrived so the plane wasn't allowed to depart back to Hong Kong. I could feel the plane getting jacked up, and put back down, repeatedly, as the workers tried to change the tire. Fortunately none of us got motion sickness on the bus trip from Kathmandu to Tansen, but not all of our trips would be so fortunate. It is hard to convey how rugged and steep the terrain north of Butwal is.