Nepal Village Experience with Nina and Sally – Day Three Nina and Sally talk about their Third day in the Rural Health Clinic on the Work the World Village Experience in the Lamjung district in Nepal! They are both 5th year Medical students at University of Manchester in England. You can read about Nina's time in Nepal here: If you want some more information on our fantastic Village Experience in Nepal head over here: 'Despite the challenges of living in a village only accessible by foot, hundreds of Nepalese continue to live in rural communities on the slopes. It is an incredibly difficult life, and for many the reason for the advanced state of their symptoms, but it offers the simple, spiritual way of life that has existed for thousands of years -- no longer easy to achieve in the tourist friendly cities. Working alongside a local health assistant students trek out to a small health post where they live amongst a village community for a week. Delivering primary healthcare to this isolated community, whilst getting involved with village life, provides an amazing opportunity to see a very different Nepal.'