Nepalese traditional dance (youtube mp4 version).mp4

In 2011 the Nepalese community in Dublin held its first gathering to introduce their customes ,traditions and way of life to the Irish public was a great success which led to with quite a large number of Irish traveling to Nepal for holidays and Irish charity organisations setting up in the rural areas of Nepal to help the Nepalese set up greater interactions between Ireland and Nepal . The irish charity organisations also inroduced new farming methods etc to local communities in nepal which has lead to better standards of living to the rural areas where the Irish Charity organisations are set up and making locals more self sufficent ,Due to the success of the 1st gathering in Dublin in 2011,a 2nd gathering was held in Dublin at st Agnes community centre in Crumlin on 10 march 2012.which was attended by the Nepalese community of Dublin and Irish people with an intrest in traveling to Nepal and the General Irish person wishing to learn more about Beautiful Nepal. The Nepalese government rightly recognising the importance of this gathering sent its Ambassador for the UK and Ireland Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise to this Gathering which has turned out to be another great success and plans are afoot to hold another gathering in 3/4 months time here in Dublin Dr Suresh in his address to the gathering .thanked the Irish for the great work the Irish charity orgs are doing in Nepal and for the friendship links between Ireland and Nepal . Dr Suresh also thanked the Nepalese and Irish that gave performances during the gathering today and has no doubt that the bonds of friendships between Nepal and Ireland will continue to go . Here is a video of one of the traditional dances of Nepal performed by students studying here in Dublin ..Namely Bishnu and Kishitiz