Nepali poem(तापनि) facebook: जीवनमा साथी बनाउछौ सम्बन्ध बनाउछौ माया र प्रेममा भुलेर रमाउछौ तर एकदिन संसार छोडेर जानुनैछ रमाएर बाँच तापनि तापनिNepali poems(nepali kabitaharu) really touch my heart.Because nepali is the first words that i spoke once i born.i am just trying to learn some of those poems and this is my first try in this channel .if you are reading this plzzz give some suggestions and comments and subscribe the channel if this channel deserse it ..:).and i would like to wish happy vijaya dashami 2068 to all nepali people around the world.may god bless you and wish you have great dashami and dipawali...jaya nepal.. to follow on facebook: