Nepali sakela dance by French.wmv, This video has been taken at Fêtes consulaires 2011in Lyon (the International Music Festival) held in Lyon, the second largest city of France on Saturday, May 28, 2011. Along with Nepal, there were 45 countries in this festival. This the first time Nepal has participated in this festival in connection with the SOLEIL VERT, an association of Lyon, France. Sakela sili ( Chandi) dance is connected with the worship of the earth, nature and family God on the occasion of Sakela Parwa that is the Sakela festival when people mark the change in nature. This dance is popular and is performed by the Kirantis, an indigenous group of people dwelling in the Koshi region of Nepal. On this occasion of they observe the sacred festival known as "Sakela"; the dance is performed in honor of the mother earth, God, nature and ancestors.