Night @ Everest Base Camp by Jeevi- The Laughing Chef

Nepalese event in Sydney Australia " Night @ Everest Base Camp" was organised by Jeevi - The Laughing Chef to experience authentic/modern taste of Nepal from various regions. Nepal is one of the most beautiful country with various landscape, mouth watering dishes, its rich culture and history . We would like to bring A night of indulgence for all senses! to people of Sydney. A soul nourishing and moment enhancing, three course vegetarian and vegan dinner - cooked by the hot topic and award winning, Jeevi the Laughing Chef; with performances by the very talented, 'Himalayan Dancing Divas'. Followed by Laughter Yoga conducted by Laughter Yoga Guru, Jeevi -The Laughing Chef friend and DJ20 playing at least an hour of Nepalese tunes to rock everyone on the floor. Everyone said , "The event was totally 'WOW!'. They all couldn't stop laughing and dancing . Love my county Nepal soooo... beautiful.. Namaste!!!