Parahawking in Nepal

The Para hawking Tandem flight is the "must do" activity in Nepal. Parahawking is the art of training bids of prey to fly with paragliders; it was developed and pioneered in 2001 in Pokhara by our team of experts. By combining paragliding with the ancient art of falconry, we have trained birds of prey to fly with us, guide us to thermals and even perform aerobatic manoeuvres! Now you too can experience parahawking by taking a tandem flight with one of our trained birds. Marvel as the bird guides us through the skies and then call him to land on your gloved hand as we fly. We'll even take pictures and movie of the flight from our on-board cameras. A totally unique and unforgettable experience -- sure to be the highlight of your trip to the beautiful Pokhara valley!,m