Parina as Kumari at the Kumari procession in Lyon

Parina Shrestha as Kumari and The Rath Yatra (chariot procession) of the living Goddess Kumari at Fêtes consulaires 2011in Lyon (the International Music Festival) held in Lyon, the second largest city of France on Saturday, May 28, 2011. Along with Nepal, there were 45 countries in this festival. This the first time Nepal has participated in this festival in connection with the SOLEIL VERT, an association of Lyon, France.The procession is called Koniya Jatra (southern parts' festival) in Newari. This is because the chariots are taken in procession through the southern parts of the city like Maru, Chikanmugal, Majimat, Jaisidewal, Jyabahal, Lagan, Brahma Tole, Humat, Kwahiti, Bhimsensthan and then back to Basantapur. Then on the day after, the chariots procession is taken out through the northern parts, and this the procession is known as Thaniya Jatra (northern parts' festival). Starting from the Kumari House at Basantapur, the chariots move through the places like Pyaphal, Yatkha, Nardevi, Tangal, Bangemudha, Ason, Keltole, Indrachowk, Makhan, Hanumandhoka and back to Kumari House.Throughout the procession, Panche Baja, traditional musical band and army band and Saduljung Gulm also accompany the chariots.