Red Machindranath Chariot Festival (Nepal)

Red Machindranath Chariot Festival on the way from from Gabahal to Sundhara (Nepal). Thet festival is one of the main festivals observed by both the Buddhist and Hindu communities of Kathmandu valley. It celebrates a deity who is also known as Karunamaya, Avalokiteshwara, Loknath and Bungadeo and who is credited with saving this land from a pronged drought in ancient times. The festival occurs every year but once every twelve years the chariot of the deity is brought all the way from Bungamati some five km south of Lalitpur and taken back after the customary annual journey around this city. It climaxes with the Bhoto or vest display which is witnessed by the head of the state himself and which has a legend of its own.The Bungamati festival hopes to capitalise on the touristic interest that the festival of Machindranath evokes.