Rickshaw Run Winter 2010 – Plain Lazy Part 2 (Final Edit)

Plain Lazy clothing label founder Mark Hagley and Larry Jarrett-Kerr set out from Pokhara, Nepal to Fort Kochi, India in an itsy tin can aka "an auto rickshaw" on January 2 this year. We would have started on New Year's Day if it weren't for pesky petrol strikes which seemed to bring the country to a halt. In case it wasn't obvious that it was an adventure, our rickshaw run was organized some fellows who have dubbed themselves "The Adventurists." Plain Lazy would like to thank: Supporters: Wives, children, friends, family and Plain Lazy customers. Gold Sponsors: Green Jersey, Content and Motion and Bibby Silver Sponsors: Cushman Wakeman, Fat Sand, Jane Evans and Cedar Press. Organisers: The Adventurists Camera men, drivers, stars: Mark Hagley Larry Jarrett-Kerr Editing: Larry Jarrett-Kerr Ed Inglis Postproduction: Fat Sand Productions David Sanders and Lauren Smith Admin and fundraising support: Liz Dobson, Helen Simpson-Wells, Katie Hagley, Adele Jarrett-Kerr, Kieran, Malakai and Chloe As well as Tim Baker and all the Plain Lazy store staff.