Salpa Bhanjyang to Tumlingtar – Off the beaten track in Eastern Nepal 2

The descent from over 3000m down into the Arun valley. This video shows the route from Salpa La, through Phedi, Goethe Bazaar and Tumlingtar to Hile. The route follows the original trade route from the Everest/ Solu Khumbu area out to the road head at Hile, made famous by early travellers such as Tilman in the 1950s (For dreadfulness nought can excel, the prospect of Bung from Gudel). In September 2010 the airstrip at Tumlingtar was closed, the dry season road south of Tumlingtar was doubtful, and monsoon clouds shrouded Salpa Pass. A first video, Lamidanda to Salpa Bhajyang ( ) , charts the more difficult first part of the trek. Route map: