Saturday Cafe, Nepal

The Saturday Cafe is a brilliant little cafe upstairs on the outer circle of Boudah (Bodnath) Temple. In the same building is a book store and a great range of silk scarves. The lady who runs it is very friendly. It is a great place to meet other tourists. Many Buddhist students meet here. The food is great and it is very reasonably priced. I had lunch here with friends during my June 09 visit. From here you can see the comings and goings of the busy area, artisans selling everything are found around the outer circle, there is a great Thanka School there also and the quality is awesome. Careful not to get ripped of by 'prayer flag' sellers. Be sure you dont pay too much for the butter candles when visiting the temple. Always walk clockwise around the stupa. Watch out for 'nice' men giving direction, offerning katahs for nothing, chances are they will hit you up for money for medicine if they can find a quiet spot at the base of the stupa to beg. The breeze from the top floor is welcome relief in the pre monsoon heat.