Seto Machhindranath Jatra (Chariot Festival)

The shrine of Janabaha dyo or Seto (white) Machhindranath is situated in a courtyard in central Kathmandu. Besides the deity's sacred bathing ceremony in December, the chariot festival is the most important event of the year and it is spread over three days. The image of deity is put in a tall creaking chariot and dragged in stretches through the streets of Kathmandu accompanied by musical bands. The procession starts at Durbar Marg late in the afternoon and winds through the market squares of Bhotahity, Ason (day one), Indra chowk, Durbar square(day two) and Chikan Mugal to the end at Lagan,towards the southern end of the old city (day three). When the chariot stops for the night at the specified locality, devotees gather to worship the deity and light butter-lamps.