This is sustainable! 30 days walk away from the nearest road, 5 days walk away from the nearest runway, in the poorest and most remote part of Nepal on the pilgrimage path to Mt Kailas in Tibet, one of the most remote parts of the Hymalaya and because China it is boxed in by the impasse of the Chinese boarder, one of the most remote places on the planet. On our Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailas, the most sacred mountain of the Hindus and Mahayana Tibetan Buddhists, we took the long road a couple of valleys off the beaten track, crossing passes a good deal higher than Mt. Blanc in order to get to the last valley allong the edge of the Tibetan Plateux and the Chinese Boarder. This Valley was home to a Tibetan people that practices Tibetan Buddhism, spoke Tibetan, adhered to all aspects of Tibetan Culture but they fell inside the Nepalese Boarder. I can't describe the majesty of the immeasurably vast mountains that this peacefull valley town was nestled in. The river that had torn away a good cunk of the town flows off the back of a mountain which overlooks Lake Mansrova, most holy of all Lakes in the Hymalaya. These beautiful people would be shot if they were found to be crossing over into Tibet, by Chinese guards. likewise, so would any Tibetans trying to escape the Chinese rule. We came under a stoopa to enter the town, one of many pristine and tidy examples that covered the pristine valleys we had climbed over the mountains from Himla to arrive at, the trees were filled with children lauging and singing, not a maliscious thought in their heads, smiling, happy, fun, clever, inquisitive and they responded immediately with love to the respect that I showed the in connecting with them as spiritual aspirants and we all chanted Om Mani Padme Hung as we marched into the ancient town, unchanged for millenia, with a very happy young human or two hanging off of each finger. They showed us to the temple that has been as we found it for over a thousand years. For all the technology we found over the Chinese Tibetan Boarder, for all the internet giving them what they need to know, thanks to the Chinese internet sensors, all the various animals they could eat in their platic wrapped super markets, all the rock music and differnt ideas of themselves the youth could wrap themselves up in, I found an unhappy, rude, angry and ugly youth that were so severely oppressed and ashamed to admit it on the chinese side, like NAZIs that had won and were trying to justify their own innate goodness with nothing to go on but insincereity. The whole of China was Exhausted with it. This little town had more sincere happiness, enjoyment of life and gratitude for nature then anywhere I have ever been. We think we found Shamballah. The Hooray & The Hippy