Shivapuri Mountain Biking, Nepal. Episode 11-3min SD

Simple 3-day mountain biking ride thru Nepal's Shivapuri National Park is evidence that nothing in Nepal is simple. Hence obsolete maps, roads that don't last thru the monsoon season, military checkpoints, lost so quickly, and planning as events unfold.Visit our web site at for more details, maps, facts and and the How-To blog posts.Visit our site for short versions of these videos. Visit for other 3 minute episodes and extras. On FB And don't forget to subscribe to this channel. It makes a difference.To Get involved Mountain Biking Video DetailsOur goal was to cycle the Shivapuri National Park in Nepal.We set out from Kathmandu. It took us less than 30 minutes to leave the city and civilization behind. By sunset we reached the hamlet of KakaniEarly the next morning we reached the park entrance, paid for our permit and were off.By late afternoon we discovered that the road on our map no longer existed. The trail ended at a washout and cliff. “Good thing we have a map” I thought.So we ended up following a dirt track down to the farming valley. We were absolutely in the middle of nowhere. It was a long way to the top of the valley.“Where are we?” I asked. “I have no idea,” my partner replied. “So you’re giving up?” I then asked. She acknowledged so we went in search of accommodation.We found a room above a barn for the night in a tiny village and were told that the daily bus leaves the next morning at 10 am.We were still on the north side of the valley and had to wait for the bus to head back.The next morning we took the daily bus and I opted for the cramped roof seating because it was safer in case the bus toppled of a cliff.By mid-day we reached our jump off point. We then rode back into Kathmandu (down hill mostly).It was a lovely 3-day ride even if we didn’t accomplish our planned objective.So be advised that maps in Nepal are strictly theoretical.